Can parents ask university faculty/staff how a student is doing in a particular class or about their grades?

  • Direct discussion of non-directory information (grades, academic performance or standing) is not permissible under FERPA without written permission or in verified and consenting presence.

  • Students may create a guest access account and assign access to specific pieces of information to anyone they choose. In the Guest Access Portal, guests can potentially view items such as a student's class schedule, mid-term and final grades, unofficial academic transcript, financial aid, and student account activity.

  • The Guest Access Portal does not change the fact that the student is responsible for his or her educational success. As a family member/guest, if you have questions about your student that cannot be answered by viewing the Guest Access Portal, you are encouraged to direct those questions to your student. Faculty/staff have the right to abstain from answering any question or arrange a three-way conversation with the student playing a lead role if necessary.

Guest Access Portal