As university staff, if I am contacted by a guest, how do I know what access has been granted?

  • University faculty/staff have two options for viewing access:

    • Use the Guest Access Authorizations link in Banner Self-Service

    • Use GPAPRXY in Banner to check each student’s guest access names and the banner screens for which they have provided access. 

  • In addition to providing a login to the guest, the student will designate a unique verbal passphrase per guest. Therefore, as a second layer of security, staff must validate the guest’s passphrase before providing authorized information over the phone.  The passphrase only helps confirm the identity of the person on the phone. After confirming the passphrase, staff must also check the specific information the student has given access for that specific guest.

  • The GAP does not change the fact that the student is responsible for his or her educational success.  Family members/guests who have been given access to a student’s academic record may have questions, but please encourage them to direct those questions to the student so that the student takes ownership. Faculty/staff have the right to abstain from answering any question or arrange a three-way conversation with the student playing a lead role if necessary.  If you are contacted by someone to whom a student has given Guest Access privilege, and you have questions on how best to proceed, consult with your department chair or dean’s office.

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