Students: Managing Access to your Records

Students: Using in the Guest Access Portal

As a student, you may grant view-only access to a specified parent and/or guest using the UNC Charlotte Guest Access Portal located securely within Banner Self-Service.

  • You determine if you want to grant view access to your education records.

  • You should not feel pressured to grant access to anyone.

  • If you decide to grant access, your guest will have view-only access and will not be able to update your records, or accept any financial aid awards on your behalf.


  • You decide whom may view your information, and what pieces of information each guest may view.
  • You decide what each guest can view by creating a separate and unique login per guest.

  • You can update or change access at any time.


  • You dictate what information your guests can view and how long they have access by creating guest access accounts and assigning access to specific information.

  • Options include: student account information, class registration status, student class schedule, holds, mid-term & final grades, transcripts, and/or financial aid. 

Setting Up Guest Access

Only students can create guest access accounts in Banner Self-Service.  Below are the instructions on how to set up a guest and select the information you allow that person to access:

  1. Log in to My UNC Charlotte

  2. Click Banner Self-Service

  3. Click the Guest Access Portal tab

  4. Click the Guest Access link

  5. Click Add Proxy. (Proxy is another word for "guest".)

  6. Enter name and email of person you want to grant access, then click Add Proxy.  An email will be sent to your guest to verify their identity, create a PIN and login, and set up the relationship profile.

    1. Expand the guest profile to reval the profile tab.

    2. Click Profile tab to add description, passphrase*, and a start/end date for access.

    3. In the Authorization tab, check the boxes for the specific pages you want your guest to have access to. Click the Email Authorizations link to inform your guest about the access you provided.

Creating a Passphrase

  • In addition to providing information about your guest, you have the option to create a unique verbal "passphrase" for each guest.

  • If your guest calls to speak to any university faculty/staff about your records, the faculty/staff member will require the passphrase to validate the guest’s identity before providing authorized information over the phone.  

  • * Be sure to tell this passphrase to your guest!  The passphrase only helps confirm the identity of the person on the phone. After confirming the passphrase, university staff will also check the specific information to which the student has given access for that specific guest.

Changing Your Guest's Access

  • Adding: Students may add new guests at any time in Banner Self-Service. 

  • Updating: Students may update or change which information their guest has access to at any time in Banner Self-Service. 

  • Deleting: The university does not allow students to delete a guest. However, to stop access for a guest, you can change the ending access date.

  • University staff cannot add or change guest access.

Guest Access vs. Authorized Payers for Student Accounts

While the Guest Access Portal allows parents/guests to view your selected education records, it doesn't allow them to make any changes to your account.

On the other hand, Authorized Payers are granted access to your student account. They are permitted to view student account information and make payments on the student’s behalf.

  • Authorized payers DO NOT have access to stored payment methods, academic records, or other personal information. 

If you want to add an authorized payer to allow them to make payments to your university bill, follow these directions:

  1. Log in to My UNC Charlotte

  2. Select Make a Payment/View Account. This will load the Student Accounts Payment/Billing suite.

  3. Select Authorized Payer, under "My Account" tab

  4. Enter in the email address of the Authorized Payer you want to establish in the "Add Authorized Payer" section.

  5. Select Continue button.

  6. Complete agreement and press Continue to confirm.

Authorized Payers will receive an email informing them that they have been granted access to the Payment/Billing Suite.  The email notification will include access information that will be used when logging into the Student Accounts Payment/Billing Suite.