Academic Suspension FAQs

Can I appeal an Academic Suspension status?

Yes, every student is given the opportunity to appeal their suspension status. The suspension letter notification has instructions on how to submit a suspension appeal. The appeal form can be accessed in Banner Self Service through Appeals are sent directly to a student's major department. The major’s department contact or associate dean of the college will make the decision regarding reinstatement. The student will be notified by their major department of the suspension appeal decision.

Can I attend summer sessions to improve my Academic Standing?
  • Yes, every student has the opportunity to attend summer school at UNC Charlotte regardless of their academic standing with the University. Students that are suspended at the end of a spring semester may register for summer school classes. Students that are suspended at the end of a fall semester and do not attend the following spring semester will have to fill-out a Readmit application for Summer Only.
  • A student who achieves a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in the summer will not automatically be reinstated to the University. Attaining good grades in summer will only make a stronger case for an appeal.
  • Please note that a class taken at another University or community college does not calculate into a student's GPA or academic standing.
Can I be readmitted with an Academic Suspension status and what are my next steps if my appeal is denied?

Yes. Please see the Readmission FAQ.