Preferred first name system updates

As systems are updated to include preferred first names, we will post them here.

System Updates

  • The chart below shows where preferred first name (PFN) is currently being utilized, planned for in the future, and which areas are unable to utilize due to state or federal reporting requirements.
  • Please check back often as this will be updated as new systems are added/updated.
Currently using PFN Plan to use PFN in future Will not use PFN3
Undergrad & Grad admissions application Banner Self Service Bursar/Student accounts
NinerTalent employment application Class rosters (PFN & Photos) Financial aid
Email display name/alias (Gmail)4 Advisee reports (PFN & Photos) Enrollment verifications
49er ID card1 Grade reports (PFN & Photos) Official transcripts
My UNC Charlotte
Campus Reporting (in progress, but thousands)  
Student health insurance
Connect (Advising) Unofficial transcripts Payroll
Housing & Res Life (Assignments/Rosters) Academic petition online tool (in development) Campus Reporting (Some reporting retains legal first name externally.)
Salesforce (Niner Central) Niner Connection (Alumni Online Community) Employee Benefits
Degree Audit2 NinerTalent (PeopleAdmin) Performance Management and Position Management  
Canvas (Learning Management System) Archibus (Facilities Management System)  
Diploma VZ (SOAR RSVP system)  
Kronos WorkForce Timekeeping    
Niner Engage (student orgs)    
Hire-A-Niner (student employment)    
All Related Career Center Systems    
Campus Labs (course evals)    
Online People Finder    
MobileOrder App (Campus Restaurants)    
Qualtrics (survey & analysis tool)5    
NinerScholars (email & award correspondence)    


49er ID card:  Please be aware that if you have plans to use your 49er ID card for various legal, immigration, employment or voting purposes, the name listed on your 49er ID card may not match records maintained by other agencies outside of UNC Charlotte.

2  Degree Audit: Shown when faculty, staff and advisors (not students) search for a student’s audit. The search will only consider PFN, if it exists. Finding the student using the legal first name does not work. There is currently no functionality to support searching by both the preferred name and the legal name.
3  While the official record and reporting must use legal first name, related communications on campus could utilize preferred first name, if it exists.
4  Google caches names.  While UNC Charlotte might reflect a new preferred first name, email recipients may maintain a cached version of the former first name, if a prior contact was made before the change.  Therefore, each recipient has to update their own contact list to reflect the new name.
5 Some departments and colleges (BCOB, Career Center, CHHS, and CLAS) are utilizing their own licensed versions.  They will be transitioned to an enterprise license that will use preferred first name, if it exists, by August 2020.