Unsatisfactory Grading at Midterm Instructions

General Information

  • Unsatisfactory grades at Midterm are NOT OFFICIAL.  That means that they will NOT be on transcripts and will NEVER appear on a student’s academic history.
  • Unsatisfactory grades at Midterm cannot be changed once submitted.
  • Unsatisfactory grades at Midterm are immediately viewable to students through My UNC Charlotte.
  • Be sure to enter grades before the published deadline.      

How to submit Unsatisfactory grades at Midterm

  1. Login to My UNC Charlotte
  2. Click on the Banner Self-Service link within the Teaching block.
  3. Click on Faculty and Advisors.
  4. Click on Mid Term Grades.
  5. Select appropriate term and click Submit.
  6. From the drop down box, select the course for which you are submitting Midterm grades and click Submit.
  7. Select one of the two grading options and follow the steps below:
    1. I have unsatisfactory grades to report.
      1. Only unsatisfactory grades are required.
      2. From the grade drop-down box, select the correct grade for the appropriate student.  Note: Students who have withdrawn will not be available to have grades entered.
      3. Review grades for accuracy.
      4. Click the Print icon on the top task bar to printout the grades you submit.  The printout is your record of the submitted midterm grades.
      5. Click Submit when you are satisfied with your midterm grades.
      6. A confirmation page will display to confirm that midterm grades have been entered successfully.
      7. To grade a different CRN, use the CRN Selection link at the bottom of the page.
      8. Once a new CRN is selected, click the link for Mid Term Grades.
    2. All grades for course are satisfactory for this course.  No grades to report.
      1. Click Submit to confirm that there are no unsatisfactory grades for this course.
      2. To grade a different CRN, use the CRN selection link at the bottom of the page.
      3. Once a new CRN is selected, click the link for Mid Term Grades.

Frequently Asked Questions

·         Can I change a grade that I have already submitted?

Midterm grades are immediately added to the student’s record and cannot be changed once the Submit button is clicked.

·         What if the student is registered but has never come to class?

If you have a student who has stopped attending or never attended class, award that student an unsatisfactory grade (“F” for undergraduate level and “U” for graduate level) as well.  This informs the student that he/she is currently enrolled in the class and runs the risk of an unsatisfactory final grade provided proper procedures are not followed.