Final Grading Instructions

Final grades are OFFICIAL.  That means that they will be on transcripts and will appear on a student’s academic history.

Final Grades

  • Every registered student should receive a final grade. Final grades will be viewable once they have been rolled to Academic History during the grading period.
  • Be sure you enter final grades before the published deadline.
  • IMPORTANT: A time limit of 30 minutes has been established for grading.  If you exceed this time limit, you will be required to login again to the Faculty Self-Service.  To avoid exceeding this limit, please submit all grades for students within a section at one time.

How to Submit Final Grades

  1. Open the UNC Charlotte homepage (
  2. Click on the My UNC Charlotte link at the top of the page.
  3. Log in using your NinerNET username and password.
  4. Click on the Banner Self-Service link in the yellow box.
  5. Click on Faculty & Advisors.
  6. Click on Final Grades.
  7. Select appropriate term and click Submit.
  8. From the drop down box, select the course for which you are submitting final grades and click Submit.
  9. From the grade drop down box, select the correct grade for the appropriate student.
  10. After you have entered grades for each student, review each grade for accuracy.
  11. Click Submit when you are satisfied with your final grades.
  12. If any students were assigned a grade of Incomplete, please make sure to confirm the Incomplete Extension Date by clicking Submit on the confirmation page.
  13. To print a record of the class roster (including any grades submitted), click the link at the bottom of the page for a printer friendly copy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I change a grade that I have already submitted?

    • Grades will be rolled to the student’s Academic History around 3:00 AM every day. If you would like to update a student’s grade the same day the original grade was entered, you are able to make the update through the Final Grades page. If the original grade has been rolled to Academic History, you must request a grade change. 
    • To begin the grade change process, select Grade Change Menu under the Faculty & Advisors tab in Banner Self-Service.  If you would like to change a grade for a course offered prior to Fall 2006, please contact your department.  Complete online grade change instructions on pages 23 – 25 of the Banner Self-Service manual.
  • What if the student is registered but has never come to class?
    • A student with the status of “Registered” or “Web Registered” is officially enrolled and must have a grade submitted. Therefore submit the grade that reflects the student’s level of participation in the course. If a registered student has never attended class then please select the grade of “F” or "U" from the Grade drop down box.