Last Date of Attendance

The last date of attendance/participation must be recorded by the instructor for students with failing or unsatisfactory grades. This applies to undergraduate and graduate courses.

Requirement for F, U, & N grades

  • Beginning in Spring 2020, all instructors will be required to enter the last date of attendance/participation for all students with failing (F), unsatisfactory (U), or no credit (N) grades.
  • The last date of attendance is required to comply with federal student financial aid reporting requirements. This is because a student cannot receive financial aid for a course he or she did not attend.
  • Students who received an F, U, or N may have to pay back their financial aid funds depending on their last date of attendance.

When you need to report last date of attendance

  • When you record a grade of F, U, or N for a student, you must also enter the last date of attendance/participation in Banner.  
  • Entering the last date of attendance is required before your grade submission can be saved.

Participation examples that count as attendance

  • The date should be the last date on record that the student attended or participated in your class.
  • Options include:
    • physically attending/participating in a class activity
    • electronic attendance (ex: Poll Everywhereattendance module in Canvas, Connect class attendance feature)
    • participating in an online discussion or activity about academic matters
    • attending a study group assigned by the instructor
    • submitting an assignment/project/test/tutorial/quiz 
    • initiating contact with instructor to ask a question about the course or course content
  • Note: If your class is an online or distance education course, the student simply logging into an online course or viewing a page does NOT count.

How to enter last date of attendance

Step-by-step instructions:

Attendance Scenarios

No academic-related activity in course. Don't know if student attended. Enter the first day of class in Last Attend Date and enter a zero (0) in Attend Hours.  Check the "Did Not Attend" box. This will auto-populate the day prior to the first day of classes.
Academic-related activity recorded, however did not complete course. Enter date of last academic-related activity. Enter date of last academic-related activity.
Student attended course and completed final exam. Enter last date of the semester. Enter last date of the semester.