Policy Changes Related to COVID-19

The following information reflects academic policy changes made during Spring 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pass/No Credit and Pass/Unsatisfactory 

Dean's and Chancellor's List

  • The Faculty Executive Committee approved an exception to the Academic Policy allowing students to be eligible for Chancellor’s List or Dean’s List if they had earned at least 9 credit hours (instead of 12) in courses graded A, B, or C.
    • This allowed students to accept a Pass (P) grade in some courses, as long as the student accepted letter grades in at least 9 credit hours. This exception applies only to Spring Semester 2020. 
  • This exception can be found in the Academic Honors policy as well as in the current Catalog.

Grade Replacement

  • Courses taken in the Spring 2020 full-term and Session B will not count against the allowable number of grade replacements.


  • For undergraduate students, withdrawals taken during the Spring 2020 full-term and Session B will not count against the withdrawal limit and will be considered withdrawn due to extenuating circumstances

Transcript Comment

  • Students enrolled in Spring 2020 full-term and Session B have a comment added to this term on their transcript: "A global health emergency during this term required significant course changes. Unusual enrollment patterns and grades could reflect the tumultuous time, not necessarily the student's work."
  • Any student who wishes to have this comment removed may make this request by emailing registrar@uncc.edu.