Other Personalization Updates

Systems Using Photos as Identification*

  • The chart below shows where ID pictures are currently being utilized and planned for in the future.
  • Please check back often as this will be updated as new systems are added/updated.
Currently using ID Photos  Plan to use ID Photos in the future Will not use ID Photos
(Housing System)
 Advisee Reports  
(Student Conduct & Related Reporting System)
 Advising Transcript  
   Class Rosters  
   Grade Reports  
   Self Service Banner Profiles  
*Photos containing a student’s image or likeness are designated by UNC Charlotte as “limited use directory information.” Use and disclosure of limited use directory information will be restricted to: (1) publication in official University publications or on social media sites or websites hosted or maintained by, on behalf of, or for the benefit of the University, including the University’s online directory and internal email system; (2) University officials who have access, consistent with FERPA, to such information and only in conjunction with a legitimate educational interest; and (3) external parties contractually affiliated with the University, provided such affiliation requires the sharing of limited use directory information.

Accent Marks (diacritics) Within A Name

The primary student information system (Banner) allows the input of accent marks, or diacritics, in faculty, staff, and student names.  Some ancillary systems across campus are unable to utilize.  OneIT is developing a script that will remove these marks before feeding to systems that cannot support its use.  Below, you'll see how various systems are using.

Currently using diacritics Sytems being verified System limitation; cannot use
  Ellucian Banner (SIS)  49er ID  International Programs
  WebFocus/Report Central Reporting Services    National Student Clearinghouse (reporting, enrollment/degree verifications)
     AdmissionPros (Undergraduate & Graduation Applications for Admission)

Pronoun and Gender Identification

We are working to expand the use of pronouns in various places throughout campus. Additionally, we are looking to improve how we classify sex and gender. Future, anticipated improvements will allow students, faculty, and staff to select their preferred pronoun and gender identification. More information to come in late spring 2021.

Name Suffix (Jr., Sr., II, III, etc.)

Effective November 2020, student communications will include the student's name suffix.  This change was in partnership with various reporting and communications entities on campus.  This was not an initiative of the Know Me project, but aligns with its mission of personalizing the UNC Charlotte experience.  It is not known, at this time, whether suffix will be adopted in communications for employees.

Feedback & Suggestions

If you have ideas, suggestions, or other feedback, we want to hear. Please share via email to jreece15@uncc.edu.