Advising Holds

Departments may stipulate that students in their major/minor be required to meet with an advisor prior to registering. This will be enforced by means of Advising Holds which will prevent registration and can only be removed by the department or academic advisor.  Advisor Assignments in Banner are an important part of the hold process and should be updated in a timely manner so students will have the correct advisor(s) to contact.  Click here for more information.

In an effort to ensure advising holds are placed accurately and in a timely manner we are asking departments to send an Excel spreadsheet that includes a complete list of students needing advising holds.  These spreadsheets can be sent to

A report that could be used is the Cumulative GPA by level, class, college, degree in major order report under the GPA/Credit Hours tab in Report Central's Student section. Choosing the parameters for the report will allow you to retrieve your selected student population. Click here to see an image of a sample parameter set.

Please note:

  • Exclude freshman students (all freshman automatically receive an advising hold)
  • Exclude students who have applied to graduate for the current term
  • One request per department should be submitted
  • You should include students who are enrolled in their 4th semester as part of the Graduation Oriented Advising initiative

If you cannot generate an Excel spreadsheet, please email